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Trevor Travels: Minneapolis


After flying back to Chicago from another exciting east coast trip out in Boston, it was time to keep things on the ground with a little road trip. I made the six-hour trip up to the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, and stopped in Minneapolis. I made it just in time to avoid the frigid cold temperatures that would’ve certainly frozen Matt, my Matterport 360 camera, and was able to capture more virtual tours!


With one-fifth of the population being German, Minneapolis has no shortage of breweries with good eats. So, of course, I spent most of my trip chatting with locals at the pub. Despite the city’s negative outlook for the Minnesota Twins this season, I had to keep the stadium tour alive by heading to a game. A perfect night for an end of summer baseball game, which also just happened to be dollar hot dog night. Score.


After the game I decided to swing by Coup d’etat to visit my friends over at Jester Concepts. This hot spot (new as of 2014) is a prime location for big group with two floors—each with their own outdoor patio. For welcoming me into their lovely space, I set them up with a 360 tour. Explore the space and book their 4-course dinner online with Kapow.


I really love mini golfing, the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster and I’m a big fan of aquariums. No, this isn’t my dating profile, but I mention it because in Minneapolis you can do all three things in the same place—at the Mall of America. That’s right, this 4.87 million square foot complex holds a full 18-hole mini golf course, a 27-ride amusement park and a 1.2 million-gallon aquarium. Oh yeah, and 520 retail stores. Needless to say, I did a little bit of everything, and racked up quite the bill.


After a long day of riding rides and spending money, I needed a good meal. So I drove a few miles down the road and stopped at Rojo Mexican Grill for some fine cuisine. To say thanks for serving me up with a multi-course Mexican dinner, I returned the favor by setting them up with a 360 tour of their space. I think I definitely came out ahead in that deal.


Minneapolis is only one half of the Twin Cities and I couldn’t travel all that way and neglect the long lost brother, Saint Paul, MN. After taking some time to roam around the city, I made my way over to Xcel Energy Center to watch a childhood favorite band, Blink 182 perform live. I, of course, had to channel my inner high school rebel and do a little crowd surfing.


After the show I made my way back to Minneapolis just in time to visit my friends over at Bottle & Bottega. A painting class that allows you to sip on wine while creating a beautiful piece of art. After failing to become a modern day Picasso, I resorted to my old skills of making 360 tours, which you can view while checking out the cool painting experience for corporate groups.


Up next I’ll be making a trip down to the great state of Texas to continue Operation: 360 in Dallas. Stay tuned to find out if everything really is bigger in Texas.